Do you do custom orders? 

Yes! Our favorite thing to do is to create one of a kind, custom orders. Contact us through our custom order form, describe your vision and we’ll provide a quote for you. Let us know whether you’ll be providing the garment, or if you need help sourcing it. If you can dream it, we’ll try our best to create it!


What is your shipping policy?

We ship using standard USPS shipping (with tracking) on items purchased through my shop. 

Due to the impact of COVID-19 on USPS delivery times, we’ve added UPS as an alternative delivery method.

If you are local to the Brooklyn area, we offer local pickup and in some cases, may be able to offer local delivery. If you’re in a rush and need a speedier service, contact me directly - we can always work something out for you.



Masks: Due to sanitary reasons, we’re unable to offer returns or exchanges on all face masks.

Embroidered items: Due to the nature of custom pieces and the small scale of our business, we’re unable to offer returns or exchanges. 

However, please reach out if you have any issues with your order and we’ll do our best to make it right.


Mask Related FAQ:

How are toddler masks adjustable without the elastic stoppers?

All our mask elastics, including toddler masks are tied into a loop and can be adjusted by retying the knot based on the desired length. (See photo below) We use this method on toddler masks because our product testing has shown that young children tend to pull and tug the elastic stoppers a little too hard, causing them to fall off. Once they’re pulled off, it does take a needle and thread to reinstall them.

If you prefer to use elastic stoppers, we do offer upgrades to each toddler mask for 50 cents/mask - these are available to add on in each of our toddler mask listings. 

Do you suggest upgrading the toddler masks with nose bridges?

It all depends on the toddlers level of comfort and individual fit. Some children have wide, short noses that don’t take well to nose bridges, while others may benefit from it. We offer nose bridge upgrades for toddler masks for $3.50/mask as an add on within the toddler mask listings.  


How many layers are the masks made of?

Every mask is made with 2 layers of 100% cotton and has a filter pocket to add additional layers of protection. We sell packs of disposable filters in our store. 


What mask size do you recommend for my child?

We highly recommend referring to the mask size charts below as a guide to finding the proper fit. Using a tape measure, start at the middle of the nose and measure down to the chin. If the maximum mask opening covers that length with an inch of room, we recommend going with that size. 


Mask Size


Any other questions?

Please contact me!